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About Swim Places

Top Rated IEA - Internet Effectiveness Awards Czech RepublicSwimPlaces is a community driven project to map tips for good swimming all around the world. We don't want to create a global map of aquaparks but to offer a handy tool for finding great places to swim near you. You can find commercial spots or pools but we prefer swimming in nature (wild swimming), like lakes, rivers and beaches.

Made by COEX & Skoumal.

About the authors

Besides the fact that we like swimming we launched this project because we are tech enthusiasts. We love innovation, crowd-sourcing, startups and everything connected to it. If you have any suggestions or want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us!

Big thanks to translators

  • G. P. Sietzema
  • O. Mann
  • T. Bordier
  • H. A. Camargo
  • C. Laué
  • T. Вознюк
  • M. Opršal
  • V. Pilmaierová